About Us

Millions of workers around the UK are relying on domestic broadband connections to get them through the working day.

These were never intended for business use and are, in many cases, not fit for purpose. As organisations increasingly adopt remote and hybrid working models they need business-grade security to ensure they comply with data protection regulations, and performance they can rely on.

Workstream has been developed by our in-house teams to meet this challenge head-on, providing businesses with powerful hardware and a complete managed service that minimises security vulnerabilities and reduces downtime.

We believe Workstream is a game-changer for businesses, equipping their teams with the quality of connection they need to be equally productive wherever they are working.

  • 2016

    Onestream Founded in 2016

  • 2018

    Acquired over three V4 bases

  • Aug 2019

    Moved into new 7000ft2 offices

  • Sep 2019

    Acquired Money Saver Telecom

  • 2020

    Workstream established

  • Jul 2021

    Vodafone exclusive IOT agreement